Seashore Acres, LLC
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Our Story

Seashore Acres is the name of a piece of land near the Wading River in the Pinelands Region of southern New Jersey. It serves as inspiration for our company, which is dedicated to preserving Pinelands and Wetlands and their wildlife, with all after-tax profits generated from the sale of equine therapy products.

When animals have access to their natural environment, survival is less of a challenge. A great blue heron stands motionless within the surrounding branches of a fallen tree, while it awaits a meal.

Each bird can consume up to 2000 mosquitoes per day which can easily replace the DDT that was used in the past to control the mosquito population.

Starbucks Coffee Seashore Acres would like to express its overwhelming
gratitude to Shawn McCarthy, manager of Starbucks
located on Forest Hill and Wellington Trace, for
supplying us with some of our recycled shipping materials.